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Event Reviews

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"I have hired Dave to provide background music at several corporate client events and he does a great job every time. Prior to the event, he takes the time to fully understand our goals for the event and who will be in the room, and often provides useful suggestions about lighting and other things we may want to consider to help make the event successful. " read more...
~ MNP Accounting, Nanaimo - Peter

"When you meet and hear Dave Hart, itís like a breath of fresh air. As a versatile guitarist blending various styles of music - he performs along the West Coast creating endless medleys from ambient backgrounds with world themes Ė to a fusion of jazz, rock, blues and even country. His new age instrumental playing style is distinctive and inspiring to say the least ... which makes it accessible to all ages. He plays classical and hybrid electric guitars weaved with loop programs. His arrangements at times can get very lush or just bare and simple. Itís music to live by... " Event Calendar...
~ Nanaimo Magazine - Judy Stephan

"Dave Hartís Diversity album is quite a delight! Totally guitar, but good guitar. Not the type of 200 mph scale playing that you hear much too often on guitar records. This is done with taste and has only what is needed. Dave plays acoustic and electric guitars, as well as synthesized guitar, which, in my opinion, is much too overlooked by guitarists everywhere." read more...
~ A-J Charron, AJ

"This is truly a difficult CD to classify. At times it is smooth jazz, other times it has a lot of synthesized sound, and then the guitar technique brings a rock element to it as well. Some tracks get experimental, and others are very typically New Age. Diversity is a good title for the compilation, as it has many different facets to it." read more...
~ Catherine Tully,

"I find your compositions very relaxing and extremely easy to listen to. You have a wonderful talent that sets you apart from the mainstream flow of artists. It is an excellent vacation from the everyday tunes you hear on the local radio stations."
~ Bruce Kelly (Kitchener, ON)

"I am quite a fan of the electronica/ambient genres and the way you have incorporated the jazz/rock into it I keep finding your CD in my player, it is an excellent arrangement you have put together."
~ S. Kiefer (Calgary, AB)

"It is an exquisite background to movies... In my mind's eye I could picture sunrise, sunset, northern lights, a moonless night, and the harmony of ocean waves. As well as light winds, a peaceful landscape, and a coming storm."

"The guitar synthesizer effects are particularly well done as they covered the waterfront of emotions."

~ Rev A. Griffin, (Vancouver, BC)

"Your music provides me with much needed relaxation and stimulation as well ... it is stimulating in that it provides the perfect environment for me to study, write and paint to! So thank you. "
~ Steph Clovechok (Quadra Island, BC)

You can also post your own recording or review! So go for it! As it's great to collect more feedback from listeners and I would certainly like to hear from you.